Blockout Large Concavities

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[learn_more caption=”Prerequisites” state=”open”]

D3Splint Version: v0.4.7 and later

Minimum Pre-Requisite Functions: Splint Shell

Recommended: Splint Wax Rim, Deporgrammer Element, Fuse Rim to Shell


[learn_more caption=”Basic Use” state=”open”]  After adding a rim or a a deprogrammer element, sometimes there is a large concavity or large overhangs within the splint.

This can be time consuming to manually sculpt away.  The Blockout Large Concavities function will fill in any areas where the splint casts a shadow upon itself.  Press the “Blockout Large Concavities” button.  The operation will take a few seconds and afterward the result will be that the overhangs have been filled in.



[learn_more caption=”Advanced Use/Information”]

It is usually a good idea to Remesh and Smooth the splint after this step to help blend in the added blockout.


[learn_more caption=”Known Issues”]

Occasionally, the blockout  which is added, will not fuse properly with the splint.  This is typically a Boolean Failure.

It is remedied with the following steps

  1.  Ctrl + Z to undo the blockout
  2. Remesh and Smooth with default settings
  3. Blockout Large Concavities again

Here, the result of remesh and smooth on the left, and then the successful blockout of undercuts afterward.