Blockout Undercuts

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D3Splint Version: v0.3.9 and later

Minimum Pre-Requisite Functions:  Trim Model, Survey from View

Recommended: Survey Model Arrow (to refine insertion axis), External shape of splint be already established (overall performance decreases with more models in the project, saving this until the end keeps the project responsive)


[learn_more caption=”Basic Use” state=”open”] Undercut Blockout removes undercuts greater than the specified amount. Different amounts of undercut engagement will be needed based on the desired retentiveness of the appliance.  Larger undercut numbers results in more “snap,” increased force needed to insert or remove the appliance.  This is different than the Passive Offset.  Together the undercut removal and amount of compensation gap account for the overall fit and retentiveness of the appliance.  To achieve an appliance with completely neutral/friction only insertion, use a value 0.01 combined with any amount of Passive Offset.


When the operator is finished (25 to 45 seconds), you will be presented with a view of a the Blockout Wax and the Splint Model and the marked heights of contour.  You may notice that some undercuts on the Splint Model are not removed because they are not included in the area where the appliance will contact the model.  This is to save processing time as undercut removal is an expensive calculation.



[learn_more caption=”Advanced Use/Information”]

Multiple Undercuts for Same Case

While dialing in printer preferences, or for other reasons, you may want to make multiple splints with different amounts of retention.  Save a Checkpoint .blend file right before Finalizing.  Finalize and export the splint at the first undercut value.  Save your working file.  Then, File -> Open your checkpoint file.  Re-calculate the Undercut Blockout by pressing the button and choosing the new desired value.  You can now finalize and export.  You can also pick a different insertion  axis [TODO link] first, then blockout undercuts again and the Blockout Wax will be re-calculated.  It is best to use a Checkpoint save to do this because after finalization, the project is much heavier and all boolean calculations will be refreshed before you get to preview your Blockout.  For this reason, using a Checkpoint from before the splint is finalized is preferred.


[learn_more caption=”Known Issues”]

None at this time!