How to Ask Good Questions…

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…to get good answers.

When asking for help, providing the following information can help others assist you faster and more efficiently

Where to ask

I will no longer be responding to direct emails or facebook messages for support.  It is inefficient and it does not provide access for others who might have the same question.  Please post your questions in our support forum on facebook.

Basic System Information

  • The version of D3Splint that is being used.  Here is how to find out
  • Although less relevant, the operating system of your computer is good to know.  Eg, Windows 7,8,10 or Mac OSX


Take multiple screenshots. Be careful not to include patient information. Don’t take pictures with your phone, they are usually worthless.  Here is how to take screenshots easily.

  1. The 3D View
  2. The outliner and list of objects
  3. The system console
  4. Any popup error messages if you can catch them


Submit the Blend file.

Make sure you are saving checkpoints [todo article link] along the way, so you can go back to the last step before you have a problem.  Then you can use a service like Dropbox to post a link. If posting publicly, remove any patient names.  If posting  screenshots publicly, it’s OK to private message me a link to the file.

What Happened Before?

  • List all steps leading up to the problem.
  • Describe all attempts to fix.  What have you tried differently to circumvent the problem?
  • Describe or show any previous equivalent cases that have failed the same way, or been successful (Eg, is this a consistent failure or is this a special case?)