How To Take Screen Shots

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Taking a screen shot can feel like a daunting task, but with a few tips, it take less than 30 seconds and using screen shots to help demonstrate what you are having trouble with will also accelerate getting an answer.

Quick Options

  1.  My favorite options for Windows 10 users is  “Windows + Shift + S” the screen will go slightly dim, then you can click and drag a box around what you want to show.  This can then be immediately pasted into a Facebook post, or the body of an email with “Ctrl + V”or by right clicking and pressing “Paste.”
  2. For Windows 7 and 8 (also available for 10), I like the windows snipping tool.
  3. For Mac OSX use “Shift + Cmd + 4”  Apple Instructions

Comprehensive Article

For anything that I need to explicitly indicate something, I take a screen shot with the method above, and then “Ctrl + V”  into MSPaint.  Read this article for detailed instructions.