How to Upgrade Versions

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For the most part, by the time you download D3Splint the website, there have been improvements in the software.  Because the updates to D3Splint are usually small compared to the overall size of the software, we have implemented a system that updates only the parts needed from within D3SPlint instead of having to download the entire package again.

  • Installation ->  Download from
  • Updating ->  Happens inside D3SPlint

Updating Basics

Updating happens from the User Preferences window.  From there you will be able to determine your current version

  • File
  • User Preferences
  • Addons
  • Search for “Splint” or scroll down to see the “View 3D: D3T Splint Module” panel
  • Expand the Addon Preferences by clicking on the white triangle if it is not  expanded

  •  Scroll down to the bottom of D3Splint user preferences and to the updater settings
  • Press “Check now for d3Guard updates” [TODO, I need to make that say D3SPlint!]

  • The button text will turn from black to grey and say “Checking.”  This may take some time.  Be patient.  Don’t click anything else or Blender will appear to freeze. It’s not actually frozen, it’s just not available for input.

  • When it is done, it will recommend to upgrade

  • Press the “Update Now” button.  The button will turn dark grey.  Again this will take some time as it downloads the parts of D3Splint which have changed.  This can take up to a minute, and there is not great feedback that anything is happening.  In some countries outside of the US, it can take several minutes.  This has to do with our repository and/or the speed of the local internet connection.

  • When this is displayed, you can close blender, and re-open and the D3Splint will be up to date.

Updating to Current Master (or Old Version)

As we develop, we indicate certain milestones with a version tag (example “v0.4.9”).  In reality though, small changes are pushed fairly regularly.  This is the current “Master” version.  You can update to the master version, however occasional bugs do make it into the “cutting edge” branch.

  • Install latest master/old version
  • A popup will appear
  • Click the dropdown/dropup menu and select “Master” from the list
  • Then press OK.  As above, it will take some time, and you will get the confirmatory message to restart
  • You can also use this to revert to an old version.