Set Landmarks

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D3Splint Version: v0.3.9 and later

Minimum Pre-Requisite Functions: Set Splint Model, Set Opposing

Recommended: None


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Setting landmarks defines the occlusal plane, midline, and establishes a provisional, average value “facebow” mounting.  After pressing the button, the Maxillary cast will be the only object visible, instructions will appear to the upper right, and you will be prompted to  LEFT CLICK  landmarks on the model.  If you make a mistake, simply press ‘Esc’  and then press the ‘Set Landmarks’ button again.  While in the ‘Set Landmarks’ mode, you will not be able to interact with any other part of Blender.  In rare situations the landmarks may be set on the Mandibular model (A mandibular appliance with no opposing model).  The landmarks are the same, Right Molar -> Left Molar -> Incisal Edge -> Midline.

As you identify each landmark, the instructions will update

Press ‘ENTER’ to confirm, or ‘Esc’ to cancel.  When complete, the view will change depending on the workflow.  For workflows which involve Articulator interaction, a lateral view of the mounted model will be presented, along with the Articulator and some articulator values displayed.  Default values for the provisional mounting can be changed in teh D3Splint user preferences and defaults [TODO article link].



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There are no advanced use or alternate use cases for this function.


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There are no known issues with this function