Set Splint Model

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D3Splint Version: v0.3.9 and later

Minimum Pre-Requisite Functions:  Import STL Models, Choose Workflow and Jaw Type

Recommended: None


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After you import models into the scene, you will use this function to designate which model the splint is to be constrcuted on.  By choosing the Jaw Type and Worfklow, you are also indirectly designating which model is the maxillary or mandibular cast.  This will be the only function available until after you have designated the splint model.

After you click the “Set Splint Model Button” bring your mouse into the 3D View.  The mouse will turn into an eyedropper icon, the model underneath the mouse will be thickly outlined in orange and that there will be a small panel in the upper right of the screen with instructions.

LEFT CLICK on the model which the splint will be constructed upon.  This completes the operator.  The Splint Model wil turn a stone color that is slightly glossy and a checkbox will appear next to the operator button, indicating that this step is complete



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There are no advanced uses for this function


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There are no known issues with this function