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D3Splint Version: v0.5.0 and later

Minimum Pre-Requisite Functions:  Starting a splint project

Recommended: None


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The splint report is a good way to record and remember the steps the user took while designing an appliance.  It collects information from the project and places it i a text file which can be easily saved or copied/pasted into notes or other management software.  The button can be found under the D3Tool Assitant Panel.

Press the button and a new window will appear to the left of the 3D View with a text document.  You can press the button again (at a later time) and a new report will be generated and the left panel updated.

If you have generated multiple reports at different times, they will all be stored with your project .blend file.  You can view previous reports by clicking the small icon toward the bottom of the text editor.

To save a copy of the report outside of the project, go to text -> save as.

To hide the text editor, you have to click the VERY SMALL little triangular icon at the bottom left, and drag it into the text editor.


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