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D3Splint Version: v0.3.9 to v0.4.9  (Old Versions)

Minimum Pre-Requisite Functions: Survey Model (View)

Recommended: No additional steps are recommended


[learn_more caption=”Basic Use” state=”open”]

This operator is optional if the Path of Insertion needs to be adjusted after the initial Pat of Insertion is chosen with the Survey Model (View) function.  After you have chosen an initial insertion axis, you can view your height of contour from all angles and decide whehter it needs to be altered for optimcal fit and retention.  Once satisfied with the Path of Insertion, use the Mark Splint Margin function to designate the boundaries of the splint.



[learn_more caption=”Advanced Use/Information”]

  • This function can be re-used at any time as long as an initial insertion axis has been chosen


[learn_more caption=”Known Issues”]

There are no known issues with this function