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D3Splint Version: v0.3.9 and later and D3Model Version: v0.0.2 and later

Minimum Pre-Requisite Functions: A solid model will have more predictable results

Recommended: None


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The Model Text Embossing panel can be found below the Model Work Panel.  You will need to have the model you wish to place text on selected by Right Click in the 3DView or by LeftClick in the outliner.

Left Click in the text box, and type the desired label.  You may need to press enter or Left Click outside the text box.

Press the Stencil Text Label button.  You will be placed into the text stenciling mode, the 3DView will be outlined, and instructions will appear in the upper right.  Left Click, then move the mouse to define the line which the text will be scaled to fit and the Left Click again to place it.

Press Enter and the text will be projected onto the object.  The text will not be merged (Positive Embossing) or subtracted (Negative Embossing) until  the “Emboss all Labels” [TODO link] function is used.

Optimizing the View

It is important to get the view direction as flat to the surface as possible.  Here is an example of text that was projected from a very off angle view, resulting in less than ideal projection onto the model.

To help with this, you can automatically snap the view to be perpendicular to the model surface.  Right Click in the middle of the label, and the view will snap to the best direction, based on the mesh surface where clicked.


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Previewing the Projection

If projecting text onto a complex surface, press “P” (for project) to preview the projection, and then pivot the view to examine.  If unhappy, press “Left Arrow” to snap to the previous view, then alter the viewing angle and press “P” again.  When satisfied, press Left Arrow again before pressing “Enter.”


[learn_more caption=”Known Issues”]

Really irregular borders can cause poor triangulation of the base.  This can be fixed by performing a closed plane cut [TODO INSERT LINK]  above the base.