D3 Splint Features

Current Feature List

  • Maxillary Splints
  • Mandibular Splints
  • Simple Wear Guard (MIP bite only)
  • Deprogrammers
  • Dual Arch AMPSA
  • Flat Plane
  • Flat Plane + Anterior and Canine Guidance
  • Immediate Posterior Discluding
  • Relaxing Ramps
  • Custom Ramps
  • Posterior Bite Pads (Posterior Pivot/Gelb)

Technical Features

  • Survey/Identify Undercuts
  • Automatically and Selectively Remove Undercuts
  • Auto Sculpt concave and undercut features
  • Occlusal Functional Sweep Surfaces
  • Semi-Adjustable ARCON Articulator Simulations
  • import 3rd party splint shells to integrate with articulator and other functions
  • Adjustable offsets for passive fits with different CAM processes

Model Work and 3D Print Functions

  • Auto-Smooth Ragged Edges
  • Add base for 3D printing
  • Thicken walls/Hollow (Save 3D Print Resin)
  • Text Embossing
  • Vertical Print Base/Raft