D3Splint FAQ

Can I install D3Splint on my work computer and my home computer or do I need to purchase a copy for each?

Part of this project’s core values are low cost, sustainability, and user freedom.  Here is our general policy on number installations vs licenses.  You should purchase as many copies as a) places of business where the software will be used or b) the number of simultaneous users, whichever is greater.  Someone who wants to be able to design from home versus at their place of business should install it on those computers with no worry or guilt.  A business with 3 physical locations should purchase 3 copies.  A large lab, which designs a high volume of splints with multiple splints being designed simultaneously should purchase as many copies as technicians on their splint team.  We are more concerned with technical progress, growing the field and making cool stuff than interfering with the convenience of being able to do what you need to do efficiently.  We do track anonymous usage statistics and compare rates of usage vs copies of software sold and as long as those numbers look reasonable at a global level, this is the policy we will keep.  Be reasonable and have fun is the rule of thumb.

If I purchase D3Splint, are updates included?

Yes.  All D3Splint updates are included.  Updates to the D3Splint module are included indefinitely. If we ever do change the model for how we sell D3Splint, it will not affect the existing customers who took a chance and supported us early!.  This does not include other modules that we will develop, those will be separate products and require their own purchases.