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Grind MIP & Finalize

Once the appliance has been sculpted as desired, it is time to Grind the MIP and add the final occlusion for the maxillary teeth. 

To do this first select “Grind MIP” from the left side menu.The appliance should now appear similar to the one pictured below. 

*Note: If your MIP is not showing correctly or appears to be off center, click on the far left side of the long bar at the bottom of the screen. This bar is the timeline that controls the loop of the articulator. The MIP will grind the current location of the scan, so if the MIP is incorrect, reset the slider to the start position. 

If you wished to use one of the in software print rafts, now would be the time to add them. For instructions on how to use each of these tools please refer to the D3Splint User Manual. 

The very last step before exporting the appliance .STL should always be to finalize the splint. This prevents any other steps from altering the final fit and geometry of the appliance. To do this select “Finalize the Splint” from the left side menu. A smaller menu will appear and prompt you to confirm by clicking “Okay”. 

Once confirmed the refractory model will be subtracted from the final appliance and should resemble the one below. Your appliance is now complete and can be exported as normal.