D3Tray Custom Tray Module






This full featured, unlimited use module is meant to offer an introduction to the style of workflow of our tools. It was previously a free product however we added a small fee to offset the hosting cost and the cost to maintain the documentation.

-Undercut Blockout
-Offset Spacer
-Occlusal Stops
-Retention Holes
-Adjustable Handle
-Border Moulding Flange
-Open Tray Cylinders for Implant Impression
-Freeform Sculpting Tools
-Rim Lock

Basic documentation will be available here
User Manual

Installation instructions and basic tutorials are available in the training course section.

While we do not offer support with this product, comments and questions are welcome in our facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/939777786197766/
If you need specialized support, we do offer one on one training.


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