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D3Denture is a highly automated helper module to assist with CAD tasks in a digital denture workflow. It is ready for early adopters and the current price reduction reflects the fact that it is going to evolve in the same way our previous products have.
Updates: All updates listed in Future Workflows are included.
Support: 1 month of support is included with the purchase. Please read our support policy

Current Workflows
1. Model Work for Denture Cases

2. Custom Trays

3. Monolithic Replica Denture

4. 2 part Replica Denture
5. Centric Bearing Device (Bite registration device)
6. Monolithic Denture (Printed or Milled)
7. Split File Denture (Printed or Milled Tooth Workflow)
8.Collision Based Tooth Arrangement

Future Workflows
-Wax Rims
-Carded Tooth Workflow (Glue in Teeth)
-Aesthetic Previews
-Full workflow from initial impressions to delivery case management