D3Splint and D3Mesh


This is a combination bundle of D3Splint and D3Mesh.

D3Splint is a stand alone CAD module for designing splints and occlusal guards.  It has some basic 3DPrinting model processing tasks to help simplify the entire workflow.  It is currently in late beta stages of development.  It is intended for educational, training and non-clinical use.

D3Mesh is our MeshMixer toolbar to help you design solid and hollow models quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

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D3Splint + D3Mesh

The best combo for getting started with 3D Printing. D3Mesh is a convenient MeshMixer based tool to help with your model work needs. D3Splint is a highly streamlined and purpose built tool for designing occlusal appliances! Enjoy both at a discount.