D3Splint is a stand alone CAD module for designing splints and occlusal guards.  It has some basic 3DPrinting model processing tasks to help simplify the entire workflow.  It is currently in late beta stages of development.  It is intended for educational, training and non-clinical use.

To determine the print settings best suited to your resin and cure set up, please see our Fit Calibration page.


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D3Splint is a fully featured splint and night guard CAD application for learning to design occlusal guards.  It is developed on the open source software platform Blender. The software has evolved since starting in late 2017 to be nearly complete in 2020.  It has excellent control of the occlusal surface, a semi adjustable articulator and precise control over blockouts and offsets for appliances that fit the model with no internal adjustments.  It has multi-threaded background processing which allow for the experienced user to work incredibly fast.  The workflows are arranged in such a way that the initial setup of the case is easy enough to delegate to team members.  Because this software is in late beta stages, and because we have no control over how any appliances might be manufactured after they leave the software, we cannot claim this product is for clinical use. This software was written by a dentist with a passion for 3D and streamlining complex workflows.

Sample Workflow

  Here is a time lapse of an experienced user designing an appliance with a posterior flat plane and slight anterior ramp.

Appliance Workflows

  • Simple Shells
  • Flat Plane
  • Michigan Style
  • Farrar Style
  • Bite Positioner

The Articulator