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D3Lab x64 Download and Installation

In this lesson, you will learn:

  1. Troubleshooting the download and installation process
  2. Installing D3Lab x64
  3. Running D3Lab x64 after installation

1 – Troubleshooting the download and installation process


Upon purchasing D3Lab x64, you are given immediate access to the installation file via a download link.  Click the link and save the installation file to your computer.  Once the file is finished downloading, you can run it to start the installation process.

*Note: New software commonly gets falsely identified as “not safe”, “potentially harmful to your computer” or even as a computer virus.  This makes sense, as the first line of defense is to not automatically allow uncommon applications to run right away.  As the software gets more popular and installed on more user’s computers, the false positives become less, and then eventually completely drop off.  Additionally, D3Lab x64 and it’s installation file need to create, edit and delete files in several different directories, so the type of signature this application gives off might be seen as malicious by some antivirus software, which also makes sense.  These warnings might occur:

  • From your web browser, when you first download the file
  • From Windows, when you first run the file
  • From your antivirus software, at any point

If you encounter any of these common issues, you can easily resolve them by following the images below.

  • Web Browser
  • Windows
  • Antivirus

[AV rule exception picture coming soon]

 2 – Installing D3Lab x64

Once the file is finished downloading, you can run it to start the installation process.  For most people it is a good idea to select the option to “Add a Shortcut to the Desktop”.

At the end of the installation, you are asked to install a Windows library package that is necessary to be able to run D3Lab x64.  Click “Install” or “Repair” if you are unsure if you have these files already.

If it won’t allow you to install the libraries, then you most likely have them installed already and can safely press “Close”.

From here you can launch D3Lab x64 for the first time directly from the last screen of the installer.

 3 – Running D3Lab x64 after installation

To run D3Lab x64, double click on the Desktop icon that says “D3Lab x64” (if you enabled that option during installation).

Alternatively, you can find D3Lab x64 in the Windows Start Menu, under the application list.

Please be patient the first time running D3Lab x64, as it has many large libraries it needs to load.  You may notice a delay from clicking the application file to actually seeing the user interface show up on screen.  Finally, several custom part libraries have been added to Meshmixer, so it might take several minutes for all the parts to be visible in the “Meshmix” menu the first you run Meshmixer after installing D3Lab x64.

At the completion of this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Understand how to troubleshoot the most common problems when downloading and installing new software
  • Take the installation file you downloaded, and successfully install D3Lab x64 on your computer
  • Run D3Lab x64 from the desktop or start menu